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[Sondeos del Alma] VOLTAGE AND TRUST

Monitoring Luz y Fuerza

The people will remain restless until the company faces its ultimate fate

Las Terrenas Live, by José Bourget 02.23.15, 3:40p.m.

In recent weeks Luz y Fuerza has made large investments of time and money to try to instigate public opinion against the interconnection of Las Terrenas to the National Interconnected Electric System (SENI). The interconnection to SENI was promised after the strike last November against Luz y Fuerza, a result of the long-awaited government intervention that could culminate in a significant reduction in the cost of electricity in Las Terrenas. Back in November, EDENORTE announced that the kilo would drop to about…

[Sondeos del Alma] Why the President does not answer ?

Night Luz y FuerzaThe absence of short-term solutions tarnishes the process of resolution

Las Terrenas Live, by José Bourget 12.04.14, 4:30p.m.

After years of abuse by Luz y Fuerza and the constant denial of justice by the Superintendencia de Electricidad (SIE) it is difficult to have confidence in the proceedings of the government agency in charge of regulating electrical service in the country…

A simple idea : SOLIDARITY

Help Las TerrenasAnd all of these values that are being lost…

Las Terrenas Live, 11.20.14, 9a.m.

The majority of foreign residents in Las Terrenas, including myself, stayed in Las Terrenas for three main reasons: the beauty of the landscape and its beaches, the pleasant and warm year-round weather, but more than anything else—and what separates it from any other region in the world—because of the Dominican population. Yes, that’s right, we all stayed here because of Dominicans and for the Dominicans…

[Sondeo del Alma] Not our problem

Luz y Fuerza Las TerrenasIt is simply a fight between shareholders that must be resolved among them

Las Terrenas Live, 10.15.14, 11 a.m.

One of the arguments recently heard about the situation with the local power company, Luz y Fuerza de Las Terrenas, S.A., is that it is simply a fight between shareholders that must be resolved among them. On the side, some also comment that the results of the audit authorized by the courts will be delivered to the shareholders and it would be resolved in their midst, hence we should leave that process alone to follow its proper course…

Las Terrenas International School

Las Terrenas International SchoolOpen enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year

Las Terrenas Live, 06.04.14, 11 a.m.

Imagine a school where all the teachers have masters degrees in education, where there is a computer lab that is used daily, which has a library of over 10,000 books fully accessible to students and parents, where plenty of materials and art supplies are available for use in the classrooms, where native English speaking teachers, some of them specialized in bilingual education, teach bilingually so that all students learn English and Spanish…

Parliament members requested to review a contract between the State and the northeast-highway company

Danilo MedinaIn just three years the Dominican State has paid approximately 80% of the investment of the road

Las Terrenas Live, 04.02.14, 11 a.m.

The Dominican State has paid about 80% of the investment. It is clear that this contract that provides $150 million for the construction of the route, still lasts 27 years more until it expires. At the end we will have paid 2,500 million dollars, told Morales Cisneros.

Danilo Medina visited Las Terrenas yesterday

Danilo Medina in Las TerrenasWe must provide legal certainty to investors, he said

Las Terrenas Live, 03.21.14, 9 a.m.

President Danilo Medina said yesterday that there is a legal security in this country and it can not violate the pre-established laws. In this regard, he said that the government could not reduce the price of tolls from Santo Domingo to Samaná and Las Terrenas roads because it is a work concession which is managed by a private company. He argued that these companies have built these roads as part of a contract that has been approved by the National Congress and the government can not under any circumstances violate it because it respects the rule of law.

PA College visits Las Terrenas on Service Action

Students from Lycoming College in Pennsylvania, USATo enjoy the sights and enjoy the natural offerings in our community

Las Terrenas Live, 03.19.14, 11 a.m.

Eighteen students from Lycoming College in Pennsylvania, USA, visited Las Terrenas for a community service opportunity and to enjoy the sights and enjoy the natural offerings in our community…

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