Camelot & Weylon Rivera Productions - Las Terrenas

Logo Camelot Rivera ProduccionesCamelot & Weylon Rivera Productions, a dream comes true !

With the birth of Camelot as a center of entertainment, cultural and social activities, has been created a unique place in the country. This center offers dance classes with professional dancers of the famous national and international Weylon Rivera Productions.

Camelot has turned into a place of meetings and exchanges for children and adults who are looking for something out of the daily routine.

Caribbean dance classes, hip-hop, belly dancing, yoga, gym, personal trainer, massages…

¡¡¡All this awaits you at Camelot ! ! ! !

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Las Terrenas Football Club (L.T.F.C.) - Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas Football Club (L.T.F.C.)Las Terrenas Football Club (L.T.F.C.), a sportive, collective, pedagogic activity

On a private, close, secure plot of land located in from of Montserrat residence. 4 categories of age and levels from 5 to 14 years old. 2 1h30 trainings by week. Open during July-August vacations.

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