Camelot and Weylon Rivera Productions, the dream comes true !

Logo Camelot Rivera ProducciónCultural Center, recreational and social & dance school and sports activities

Under the direction of the couple Maria Chiara Massignan, Italian nationality and Suárez Rivera Rhadames Weylon, Dominican, born Camelot, a cultural, recreational and social that has as main objective to improve the quality of dialog between different cultures in this touristic sector of the country.

Chiara arrived in Dominican Republic for the first time in February 2003 and after a few years, exactly on November 25, 2010 has granted citizenship request by the strong love and bond she could achieve with this land and its inhabitants.

Rhadames Weylon Suárez Rivera, a native of La Romana, tourist province in the south-east of Dominican Republic, brings a wealth of 12 years experience as a professional dancer and an integral and very important part in the development of Camelot.

Camelot and his boys

The name Camelot (Fortress legendary), not coincidentally was chosen to equate the union between Geneva King Arthur and the knights of the round table with Weylon, Chiara and boys from some years are part of the project.

The goal of Camelot is becoming a meeting to discuss the main issues of public interest and to offer services and advice of experts in various fields such as culture, education, environment, image, hygiene…

El Super Cara Producciones Rivera Theme

School of Dance and more

Camelot is a sports medicine center and has a fitness room with the most innovative tools (opening soon).

4 beautiful rooms, used for dance classes will be taught by the best national and international dancers belonging to the notorious Rivera Weylon Productions professionalism providing private and shared organizing courses aimed at all those who have a desire to learn to dance and have fun while participating in the various animations that the school offers in the week.

List of Lessons :

Caribbean dance :

  • Salsa (Various style)
  • Bachata
  • Meringue
  • Chachacha

Modern Dance:

  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop


  • Aerobics
  • Hip Hop

In addition…

  • Ballroom dancing
  • Choreography by Michael Jackson
  • Yoga
  • Theatre Courses

Camelot will be open every day from Monday to Saturday with the following schedule:

Monday / Friday 9.00am/12.00pm - 03.00pm/08.00pm - Saturday 10.00am/12.00pm -15.00pm/07.00pm
* For private lessons are able to take courses at any time by booking in advance

Rivera Weylon Productions offers an entertainment shows and private events (restaurants, birthdays, weddings, parties…) throughout.

Contact :


C / Main Street #137 - Las Terrenas-Samaná
School Tel : 829 240 6925
Chiara (General Director) 809 885 7462 - Weylon (Artistic Director) 829 678 3726
Email :
Facebook : Producciones Rivera