Bibottom stool

Double and luminous

At the same time convivial seat and a superb decoration object, the Bibottom stools will as well find their place in a discotheque or a bar as in your garden or living room.

Created by Monica Graffeo, this seat is made from two united stools that will create strange situations, considering two people who do not absolutely know each other will be able to sit down very close the one of the other while looking in a different direction…
unhoped-for relations will be able to be created.

But Bibottom goes further in this subtle contact, since it can become luminous and diffuse a filtered light: Perfect for an evening in the garden, a bar design or in the living room for an intimate moment.
Without Light: 160,00 €/in white, black, red, green and yellow.
With Light: 380, 00 €/in green, yellow and opaline.

Bibottom stool Bibottom stool

By Lucie H ()