Caramelo by Luis Luna

Design for kids

The decoration and design concentrate many times in the seats world, no matter if it’s about chairs, armchairs, sofas, or loungers, and almost every time, the creations point an adult audience.

But when someone likes decoration, he wants to decorate all the house’s rooms, including the one of the kids.
The Mexican designer Luis Luna had a good idea by creating the Caramelo seat.

Caramelo by Luis Luna Caramelo by Luis Luna

The name, meaning candy in Spanish, refers to childhood, like the colors and the size that is adapted to little boys and girls.

But besides the decorative aspect, Caramelo is practical, since it haves round shapes and can be used as a chair or a rocking-chair, you just have to change the position, making the back become the base and vice-versa.

Caramelo by Luis Luna Caramelo by Luis Luna

And the best part: a cavity in its interior that allows the kids to keep their books, soft toys and all their treasures !

By Lucie H ()