11, the beautiful game

A modern aspect for a famous game

Ah the babyfoot…

Those who never played it are quite rare and for much of us it is a game that has a special place in our youth or our childhood.
This universal game which symbolizes the passion of the people for football, had not known a major revolution in its design.

Now it’s different, thanks to GRO design, who gives him an elegant and modern aspect.
The silver plated silhouettes of the miniature players carry numbers and are based with fluidity in the bars.

Black outside, white inside and provided with a light for an optimal visibility, it combines elegance and handiness for an incontrovertible result.

This superb concept is not for sale for now, and was presented in Milan Design Week from 16th to 21st April, 2008.

11, the beautiful game 11, the beautiful game

By Lucie H ()