Oggetti Luce

Glass lamps

Oggetti is and Italian brand that makes wonderful glass lamps. These one are declined in wall, table and ceiling lights, and have a single design

Even if the shapes are mostly ordinary, the decorations with vibrant colors offer a great show once light is turned on.

Oggetti Luce Oggetti Luce Oggetti Luce

Combining new laser technology in order to obtain a perfect cut, and the tradition of glass-blowing, Oggetti creates an original and esthetic result.

Oggetti Luce Oggetti Luce Oggetti Luce

Concerning its decorative inspiration, the creations of the Italian brand are very varied.

Oggetti Luce Oggetti Luce /

Starting from modern and pop patterns to exotic oriental decoration, without forgetting floral ornaments and more simple and elegant models, there is a lamp for everyone.

By Lucie H