Lifeshop Daybeds

The Spartan and Iraya Daybeds

I already presented very beautiful models of daybeds: the Eclipse bed and the Sampon Daybed that belongs also to the LifeShop collection.

Here are two new models, the Iraya Bed and the Spartan Open Top.
The originality of the first lies in the fact that it haves the shapes of a bird’s nest. And that fits completely with the daybed concept: Relaxation in an open space while being protected from the sun and the wind.
The second one is more open and ventilated and folds up on himself like bird’s wings for a majestic and very aesthetic effect.
Both are very beautiful and large.
A superb furniture idea for the summer to comfortably enjoy the good weather, not alone and without sunburn.

The Spartan Open Top Daybed Iraya Daybed/

The Spartan Daybed : Large-L 109 x D57 x H70 Smaller-95 x 53 x 57 / The Iraya Daybed : L98 x D52 x H56

By Lucie H