Muwi lawnmower

A special machine

Muwi lawnmower

Spending the Sunday afternoon mowing the grass, it’s not funny, and even boring.
And then the cut grass is scattered everywhere in the garden, it is not great either.
But that depends on which mower one use.

Because the Muwi lawnmower is revolutionist: it compacts the cut grass in circles or balls !

Created by Yong Hee Cho (Chung-AngUniversity), Yuli Sung and Jee Won Lee (Hong-ik University) and Seung Hee Its (HanyangUniversity), this mower will amuse the user.

Then you just have to work the imagination to find a useful use for the compacted grass, as on the drawing.

In addition to the funny side of the product, the practical side of the invention is very notable since it makes the collecting of cut grass much simpler !

Muwi lawnmower

By Lucie H ()