Ping Pong Dining Table

By Hunn Wai

The Ping Pong Dining Table was created by the young designer from Singapore, Hunn Wai, and is edited by the Mein Gallery.

At the same time dining table and ping pong table, it gets together two activities the aristocrats in their time were used to practice: after diner, it was common to transform the diner table in a game table…

Ping Pong Dining Table Ping Pong Dining Table

The small separation of the center is placed horizontally to act as a net and swivel to a vertical position when comes the hour of eating.
Showing a meticulous design, the table with a deep and pure dark is made in Corian, and offers a lacquered surface bordered with golden patterns, for a neo-baroque style.

Ping Pong Dining Table Ping Pong Dining Table

The feet, heavy and massive come to complete this rococo spirit that may seem too charged for some persons.
No matter what you think about it, this table doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

By Lucie H