R540 Rocking bench

By Fetishe design

It’s right from Brazil that comes this seat called R540.
This original name it’s a reference to the radius of the crossed rings, that is 540 millimetres long.

R540 Rocking bench R540 Rocking bench

This nice rocking chair was created by the Studio Fetiche Design, more precisely by the designers Carolina Armellini and Paulo Biacchi.
If at first sight the R540 seems to be made in weaved resin, the material used is plastic threads.

R540 Rocking bench R540 Rocking bench

It’s a rare feeling that this seat gives us, divided between modernity of its design and its material, and the weaving that brings back the garden chains in rattan of our childhood.
In any case, the R540 fascinates everyone that looks at it.

By Lucie H