La Ruche by Mostapha Ouhlani

Inspired by nature

La ruche (The hive in French), is a rack created by the designer Mostapha Ouhlani and that, as its name indicates, takes its inspiration in the intriguing shelter of bees, but also in arabo-Andalusian architecture.

La Ruche

24 modules

Conceived out of painted wood, it is made from modules of hexagonal shapes that are superimposed, making it possible to draw a landscape in a room.

La Ruche

12 modules

Even if the concept is not new, the details and beauty of the work are remarkable: A pattern bored on the modules bottom refers to the moucharabieh and evokes at the same time the disintegration of the real hive cells for an even more real effect.

La Ruche

6 modules

Several alternatives are proposed, in black, orange and white:

  • -La Ruche6 modules, 1.200 euros
  • -La Ruche12 modules, 1950 euros
  • -La Ruche24 modules, 3400 euros

: Arab word that refers to a device allowing to see without being seen and that provides shade

By Lucie H ()