The 40 years of the Zanotta Sacco

Zanotta SaccoThe Italian pear anniversary

Designed by Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro in 1968, it is still made by Zanotta

Back in 1968 Turin architects Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro offered Zanotta a PVC sac filled with polystyrene pellets, an anonymous object of changing shape that they wanted to produce on an industrial scale.

And the rest is history: the Sacco chair is an icon of lightweight, informal, nomadic design, one of the most significant examples of a design product embodying an age and contaminating our conventions of living.

Present in trade fair halls and museums all over, produced in new colors and finishes, it has been copied over and over again and it has won numerous international awards.

Piero Gatti, the surviving member of the team of three designers who produced the original Sacco chair with Aurelio Zanotta, says: Yes, the Sacco is 40 years old. And now it’s time for a change…

Zanotta is celebrating with a major exhibition-event, a publication, a website, a film segment and other events all over the world.

They had an idea for a brand new seat, made up of a big sack of vinyl slices, partially filled with pellets of polystyrene. One can sit, lie down or crouch on the piece and it also may serve as a support for other objects.