Teardrop Terrarium

A paradise bubble

The dream of most of us is to have our own small part of paradise…

This is why the New York artist and landscaper Paula Hayes , reinterpreted in her own way the famous terrariums imagined in 1829 by the Englishman Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward.

These blown glass creations with organic forms contain a green and luxuriant nature.

The artist Paula Hayes invented what she calls the living art, and it’s true that Teardrop Terrarium is both nice and make us closer to this beautiful and soothing nature that we fortunately have at our reach

It is the small part of paradise we take with us, but it requires our cares to keep alive !

They are only available in New York with a price that varies between 8 000 $ (5 000 €) and 22 000 $ (14 000 €).

Teardrop Terrarium