Inflatable cushion

It is a fact: lately we all want to throw us on large and soft cushion.
The cause of this desire: the appearance of the  pouf seats, these pillows put down on the ground and that, manufactured in varied matters, always offer a maximum comfort.

Waff Inflatable cushion

And then, the Waff arrives, a pouf seat that is in fact a inflatable cushion, that you can use everywhere: In the house, in the garden, on the beach and even in the water.

Waff Inflatable cushion

One can relax there of course, but also to make physical exercises.
Perfect for the nap of the adults, but also of the children and the babies, the waff adapts to the shapes of the person installed in it for an amazing comfort.

Waff the Inflatable cushion

Declined in mini version to put back the head, they will get dressed with fruits !

By Lucie H ()