Untitled flower vase

The whale Flower Vase by Alessandro Beda

Once more a simple object that seduce all the eyes that look at it: the vase of Alessandro Beda.
It does not have a name then and is for now only a prototype but it could be manufactured at the beginning of the summer in porcelain and will come in two colors: White and black.

The whale Flower Vase

There will be 2 different sizes, the larger will have around 50 cm of length and the small one nearly 40 cm.
If you wonder how the tail of the whale stands up, it is thanks to a sort of metal weight inside of it and the flipper is quite slim so it helps it keeping the balance.

The whale Flower VaseThe whale Flower Vase

In any case, the result is wonderful: a whale that takes a bath in your table and whose water jets were replaced by a sheaf of flower !

By Lucie H