Apocalypto fashion boutique, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Apocalypto, representing of surfwear in Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas is a village where sun, beach, sea and waves are always present, and where you can perform many aquatic sports.

However, until soon, there was no store adapted to the life style of many residents of Las Terrenas: not and elegant or urban style, but simply beach style or surfwear.

Apocalypto Apocalypto

This changed with the opening of Apocalypto, in march 2009, a boutique that offers clothes, shoes and accessories of the world best surfwear brands as Oxbow, Reef, Roxy, Ripcurl, Quicksilver etc…

On its 150 m2 surface, Apocalypto put at the disposal of its clients a large line of products in a illuminated, sober and young ambiance.
Even if the store is already recognized as an incontrovertible reference for the fans of surfwear, you don’t have to wear this style every day to find something you like there.

Apocalypto Apocalypto

Women will be able to find many nice coloured bags, the last tendencies in swimsuits, and the summer best shirts and shorts.
For the men, stylish jeans and tees combine with very modern - and belts.

The kids will find a great variety of clothes to wear according to fashion, but always in a comfortable way, without forgetting beach flops for the entire family.

Much more than just a store, Apocalypto is a single world, a beach universe, full of energy, that brings a modern, young and fresh wave to Las Terrenas.

Logo Apocalypto

Calle Duarte 161 - Las Terrenas
Dominican Republic
Tel : 809-864-8235
Email :

Map Apocalypto Las Terrenas

Open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 01.00pm and from 04.00pm to 07.30pm.