Atlantis Hotel, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Atlantis hotel in the Bonita Beach, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Atlantis: A hotel built around a dream, in dream surroundings

Atlantis Hotel Las TerrenasATLANTIS in Dominican Republic is situated in the North of the Peninsula of Samaná, at ten minutes from Las Terrenas downtown, at the sea side of Playa Bonita.

La Bonita goes well by its name with its crystalline water and its interminable white sand, and its thousands coconuts which seem to be whispering with the wind.

In the middle of this magic setting, exactly in front of the ocean, Atlantis and its deliciously become dated architecture, is part of the landscape.
The place has a heavenly charm.

At the beginning, here, there were no more than some young Europeans, who in the Eighties discovered the incredible beauty of Playa Bonita.

It was simply a lost corner attended by some fishermen who moored their boats to the side of the bay.

But the young people like to dream and they started to imagine how they could build a house in this place far away from the fishermen village that was then Las Terrenas.

Thus, they started to raise a housing development of small stone-built houses, with rounded corners, gardens, columns, towers, galleries…

Hotel Restaurant Atlantis of Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas, the tables Hotel Restaurant Atlantis of Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas, the rooms Hotel Restaurant Atlantis of Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas, inside restaurant

They continued to pour out their imagination and they created funny squared surfaces at the entries and mystic drawings on the walls and on the ground.

And they completed their work by creating around this one an authentic botanical garden with the flowers and the plants which they found around the island.

A few years later, friends of these young pioneers joined themselves to their dream. Many were artists or writers and they brought their creativity whereas constructions were added the ones to the others.

The smallest one transformed itself into the Atlantis, a hotel in which always a wind of mystery blows.

Nowadays, the Atlantis hotel reached an international prestige and many people succumb to its charm.

Hotel Restaurant Atlantis of Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas, outside at nightOur hotel and restaurant welcomed several political and industrial worldwide personalities.

The most known of them are the President of the Dominican Republic Leonel Fernández , Bernardo Santana Páez, the former chief of the National police force, who carried out their small meetings or work lunches in our restaurant.

Behind the white washed walls, invaded by climbing plants, 18 very different rooms are hiding, all as beautiful as the others.

The rooms are named Jamaica (in the picture), Ibiza or Granada… and they all have their own bathroom with bath-tub, shower, fan or air-conditioning, balcony or terrace, with sea view.

The common parts of Atlantis are overlapped in nature… the restaurant has a room, which is half open with its bar, a terrace as a convivial place and a kiosk in Cana where the typical breakfast of Atlantis can be tasted.

It includes tea, coffee or chocolate, natural fruit juice, home made fresh bread, pancake with sugar or honey, egg, ham, cheese, and a vast fresh fruit selection.

Atlantis proposes to you French cooking adapted to the local products.

A tasty culinary mix, fruit of the passion of Gérard Prystasz, ex chief of the Elysium Palace.

For now almost ten years, he put down his luggage in this small piece of paradise, and, like a true artist, he exerts his art of the gastronomical food with energy.

Hotel Restaurant Atlantis of Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas, terrace outside dayIn the Atlantis, the meals are served a little bit everywhere, relaxed environment, pareos and sun lotion for the long lunches in the shade of the beach kiosk, at the sea side, and the meal, glamour ambit on the terrace, under the soft light of the and oil lamps.

Cozy environment in the restaurant with its immaculate decoration, punctuated by stones and wood.

It does not matter which is the place, from the entrée to the dessert, everything is good, light, original.

And what the chief suggests…

As first

Carpaccio dish of the fishermen with fruits:

Dorado and tuna, raw and finely craved, only cooked in lemon juice and olive oil Decorated with good taste and in a harmony of colors: red: finely cut tomatoes; green: parsley; orange: mango… a very good and light entrée

Hotel Restaurant Atlantis of Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas, terrace principalThe fisherman Fish soup

Typical French fish soup from Marseilles with its toasts, cheese, garlic, aioli, or red sauce made from red peppers.

As principal dishes

Thin layers of Dorado and shrimps with sauce of white butter and passion fruit :

A light dish, which is prepared with pan-fried Dorado with shrimps and its tasty sauce made from butter and passion fruit juice.

Dorado filled with lobster and lobster sauce:

Dorado fillet stuffed with the lobster flesh, slowly oven cooked with its sauce made from lobster and fresh cream… a spectacular taste !

And at the end, a dessert…

The famous Tatin Tart :

The apple tart reversed made with puff pastry with almost caramelized apples and its home made vanilla ice cream… impossible to pass through it.

About our chief, Gérard Prystasz:

He began his career in L’hôtellerie du château, he was then cook in the hotel Byblos de Saint Tropez , in the restaurant Cheval Blanc, at the Hôtellerie la Chaumière in Rempuis and in the restaurant San tons in Grimaud.

Gérard Prystasz owner and Chef of the Hotel Restaurant Atlantis of Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas

All these establishments are famous; they are recognized by the prestigious Michelin Guide, and known for their excellent cooking.

During the military service, Gérard Prystasz cooked in the Elysée Palace for the members of the French government, and at his term he became during one year the personal chief of the French President François Mitterrand.

Then, he cooked in the restaurant La Mère Blanc, with George Blanc in Vonnas, before launching out on his own with the restaurant Europa Plage in Saint-Tropez.

And the future…We intend ourselves to make our hotel a little bit bigger, with some apartments with their swimming pool and SPA… and the greatest dream that we would like to carry out is to be able to make more sophisticated French gastronomical cooking…

The luxury in simplicity and nature…

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