Luz & Fuerza organizes a meeting in Las Terrenas

ElectricityTo evaluate electrical issues and seek an agreement

Luz & Fuerza of Las Terrenas is organizing a meeting to form a working group, with the aim to start a dialogue on several issues related to electric service.

The meeting will take place on Saturday, October 15th, starting at 5 p.m. in an hotel of Las Terrenas.

Important community, social and business organizations, as well as the authorities of Las Terrenas and Samaná, including Senator Prim Pujals, Governor Wilson Forchue, Mayor Jose Alexis Martinez, the deputies Jose Morales Cisnero and Miguel Angel Jazmín, and the Deputy Minister of Tourism Elsa De León, were invited to the meeting.

Many aspects of the energy situation depend not only on the decisions taken by Luz y Fuerza and are linked to several circumstances. This means we can only find solutions with the participation of the leaders of Las Terrenas and the competent authorities, says a note of delivered by the company.

Luz & Fuerza explained that the purpose of the meeting was to form a working group that represent the sectors of the village and to reach an agreement about things we can do together.

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