MAY 2012

Fire destroys Fishermen's Village

Fire Fishermen's Village Las TerrenasThe soul of the village was completely destroyed

A terrible fire destroyed this morning the emblematic Fishermen's Village of Las Terrenas, the main tourist attraction and historic place of the village.

The fire destroyed 15 establishments from the Cayuco to Salsa.

Dozens of people including owners of former restaurants and pizzerias watched, this morning, helpless, what remained from the village of fishermen.

Members of the Dominican Red Cross were there to prevent people from getting too close to the still smoldering remains.


This terrible fire once again revives the controversy concerning the lack of an efficient fire service in Las Terrenas. Several fires already happened in Las Terrenas, as the one near to the Balcones del Atlantico project. (See article here).

Today the population feels consternation,

An historical place

The Fisherman's Village was a place full of history, since it was there were Las Terrenas started to be constructed.

This is where the houses of the first inhabitants of the town were built, which gradually were transformed into restaurants and other establishments. La Salsa was one of the most emblematic of this past life of our beloved village.

A tourist attraction and a​​nightlife space

Any tourist who visited Las Terrenas, either Dominican or foreigner, visited the Fishermen's Village. As an historical testimony of the village, the place attracted many people by its typical aspect and its lively nightlife, not to mention a unique and varied gastronomy.

The jobs and economic impact

Besides historical and cultural loss that represents the destruction of the fishermen village, the economic consequences are important. In addition to millions in losses caused by this incident, dozens of people have lost their jobs.

Las Terrenas has lost its tourist attraction, and the number of tourists visiting the village may decrease.

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Vídeo of the Fishermen's Village after the fire

Fire destroys Fishermen's Village in Las Terrenas

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Las Terrenas Live, photos by Sylvain MAUFRAIS, 07.05.12, 9.30 p.m.


This is a horrible and sad news. I visit Las Terrenas one to two time per year and the Fisherman Village is is my favorite place in town. It will never be the same but I hope they can rebuild as close to the original layout as possible. This is a wake up call for the authorities because LT needs a moder fire station that can protect the inhabitant. I will be happy to contribute if there is a fund drive to help reconstruction. Thanks to Las Terrenas Live for providing such great coverage.

Marcelino - United States - 05-07-12

How very sad. We left Las Terrenas just last Saturday, and had enjoyed many great meals at the different restaurants. Thankfully there was no one injured. I hope the owners get the support they need to rebuild. Our thoughts are with you.

Carol - Canada - 05-07-12

As a person who lives in LT for part of the year I am just sick about this tragedy. We will recover, though. Dominicans are a resilient, resourceful people and they, along with all the expats involved, will get past this.

Janet - United Kingdom - 05-08-12

We are so sorry for all those directly affecte by the fire as well as those of us who love LT.

Terri Kratovil Meijer - France - 05-11-12

After spending my winter months in Las Terrenas I was really sad to see this devastation. I really hope that the efforts to rebuild in the same likeness won't take too long as this was a very charming aspect of life in Las Terrenas. I really hope that the people who read this will find it in their heart to make a contribution to assist all those workers that are without income during the time it takes to reconstruct. My thoughts and prayers are with the people who made this a special place.

Wayne Kendall - Canada - 05-12-12

Has a relief fund been set up yet for the displaced workers ? Are there any plans to set up temporary stands for restaurant/shop owners who want to continue their business ? ? Are the local government agencies making resources available ? ? At this time it is key to help the business owners and employees start the rebuilding process immediately ! ! Even temporary tents and picnic tables so they can keep their businesses open and keep the attention on this situation is critical. How can we help ? ?

Rick Harms - United States - 05-21-12

It is a godsend that no one killer or seriously injured and sad that this picturesque place is no more. It may be a blessing in disguise that this happened when it did both as the work day had not begun and it was the off-season. This could be an opportunity for some sort of building / fire codes to be introduced which might help prevent a recurrance and inprove the sanitation and general safety of the eateries found here. While these buildings were " quaint" , they had all been significantly modified largely without being modernized with the consequence that this sort of distruction was predictable, though certainly not desirable (except perhaps by a few redevelopers). Hopefully the community will now come together in this off-season and create jobs and facilities to replace those that were lost in a manner which recognises the long term interests of all concerned. With respect to the need for better fire equipment, yes, in a perfect world that would be a priority. In the not so perfect world that is the DR, more adequate health care facilities, policing and educational infrastructure might serve the community better. For example, a modern pumper truck would have had a heck of a time negotiating the crowded streets of the community and an even harder time getting enough water from an already over taxed public fresh water system. A modern police force and judicary might have prevented the evolution/devolution of the lax standards that allowed the fisherman's villiage to deteriorate into the fire trap it was.

Bruce - Canada - 07-01-12

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