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National Park Los Haitises, Samaná Peninsula

The National Park Los Haitises was created in Dominican Republic on June 3rd, 1976 and is situated in the Samaná Bay, in the North eastern part of the country.

National Park Los Haitises National Park Los Haitises National Park Los Haitises National Park Los Haitises

The Park is characterized by mountains, hills and valleys. There, gorgeous mangrove, swamps, rivers and a rich fauna and flora get together to form a unique environment, with endemic species of the country.

The climate of the National Park Los Haitises is the humid tropical forest.

In this place, there are many caves with a great historic value, since they shelter the pictographs realized by the aboriginals of the island, Los Tainos. The word Haitises comes from their language and means land of mountains.

The visit of the National Park Los Haitises is a fascinating and unforgettable experience where you can see the beauty of the nature at the same time you are able to take a trip in time, in the history of Dominican Republic.

The excursion

After crossing the Samaná Bay on a boat, we enter in the marine cave of La Pesquera.

Then, we will stop for a moment in this beautiful beach inhabited by the guardians of the Park, we will walk in front of the fishermen village, before seeing the Cayo Cacata, paradise of the photographs and the lovers of birds, where you will be able to see herons, pelicans, vultures etc…

After that, in the San Gabriel and La Línea caves, refuge place for the Tainos, we will observe on the walls the pictograms and drawings, which explanations will be offered in a detailed way. Then, you will enjoy the silence in the mangrove swamps, sometimes disrupted by the sing of the birds. The last visit is the one of the La Arena cave, with its white sand beach.

Finally, we will reach La Garita, for a great lunch next to the beach .

The humpback whales, Samaná Bay

Every year, the Samaná Bay is home for a privileged and wonderful show: the humpback whales arrive between January and March in order to mate or to give birth to their babies, in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The humpback whales The humpback whales The humpback whales The humpback whales

It’s a great opportunity to watch these peaceable marine giants that are around 15 meters length and weight around 40 tons.
The humpback whales come to give birth in the warm waters of the Samaná Bay because the calf has a too thin fat layer to be protected against the cold waters.

Concerning the mate, it happens here too, and it’s possible to watch how, in order to seduce the female, the males sing and jump out of water.

The excursion

After reaching on a boat the place where the whales swim, the watching will begin, at only a few meters of these beautiful animals.

The Limón Waterfall, El Limón

The Limón waterfall, called Salto del Limón too, is sheltered in a tropical forest in the Samaná Peninsula.
This spectacular waterfall of 55 meters height, is situated in the community of El Limón and is visited by thousands of ecotourists every year.

The Limón Waterfall The Limón Waterfall The Limón Waterfall The Limón Waterfall

The excursion

This is a relaxing and pleasant excursion you will never forget, a walk on docile horses through a tropical forest, headed by a local guide, who will lead you in half an hour to the waterfall.

After that, you will walk around 12 minutes to reach the place where the Río Chico arrives in a lake where you will be able to take a bath, take photos and jump. Finally, we go back to the ranch where a nice tropical buffet will be offered.

This excursion can be realized walking too.

Photo Safari in Quad, Samaná Peninsula

A wonderful Dominican adventure through the mountains and the lush vegetation, which will enable you to use quad bikes on wild roads at the same time you will enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Quad Las Terrenas Quad Las Terrenas Quad Las Terrenas Quad Las Terrenas

You will discover the coffee, rubber trees, and cacao plantations and will watch the palm trees, as well as other trees: banana, orange, advocate, grapefruit… A day in contact with the Dominican population and the nature, to discover the life style of the countryside.

The excursion

The lunch is set in a ranch and in the afternoon we will jump on the quad bikes again, and take a bath in the wild beaches of the east part of Las Terrenas.
It’s not necessary to know how to use a quad bike, the machines are automatic and a quick demonstration will enable you to drive without risks.

Catamaran, Samaná Peninsula

A beautiful ride in the blue sea along the coast, to enjoy an unforgettable day, aboard a catamaran.

Catamaran Las Terrenas Catamaran Las Terrenas Catamaran Las Terrenas Catamaran Las Terrenas

The excursion

Before arriving to the Playa Jackson, a wonderful wild beach only reachable by boat, we pass in front of the Cayo Las Ballenas, small islands shaped by sea.

After, half an hour of snorkeling, meeting with a fisherman family, walk on the beach, and a relaxing bath are part of the program.

The lunch, composed by a cold buffet, will be offered aboard the catamaran, the drinks are included for the whole day.

During the afternoon, we make a stop to take a bath in the Playa Cosón, before arriving to the Playa Perdida, a small bay with crystalline waters, where we will do snorkeling again. There, fruits and cake will be offered, just before going back to Las Terrenas.

All this in good mood with music on board thanks to which you will be able to take class of Bachata and Merengue.

Playa Rincón, Samaná Peninsula

A magical and unforgettable experience on the wonderful Rincón Beach, located in the Samaná Peninsula, no far away from Las Galeras.

Playa Rincón with Playa Rincón with Playa Rincón with Playa Rincón with

The excursion

Departure in Taxi from your hotel to the charming village of Las Galeras, where you will, on board of a small boat, reach Playa Rincón.

During around 20 minutes, the boat will go along the coast in order to let you see the cliffs that fall in the sea. When arriving to Playa Rincón, discover the wonderful colors of the crystalline water. Bath, suntan and walk between the coconut trees…

At twelve, lunch with lobster on the beach.

After lunch, return to Las Galeras on the boat where you will make snorkeling in a natural aquarium: unique opportunity to swim between hundreds colored fish and with a turtle.

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